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Fun and frolic abound with raw sex by the pool!

Fun and frolic abound with hot men, cool drinks,
and plenty of bare-assed raw sex around the pool!

With such great weather as summer evenings offer, having a big bareback party indoors can be a complete waste of nature's resources. For those lucky enough to have a private yard, the potential to fill your property with hot, naked men filling each other's hungry holes with cock and cum is someting that should definitely not be passed up, especially since the window of opportunity is so short in most areas. A swimming pool only helps to intensify the naked fun to be had in a backyard bareback party.

Hosting any kind of sex party in the great outdoors does require a few creative solutions, and so here, for your benefit, are some extra tips on how to make your bareback lawn and pool parties the hottest, wettest, and wildest evenings of barebacking under the stars possible!

These tips are only Jack's guidelines... let your imagination, your budget, and your sex drive guide you!

Be the Host with the Most

Make sure your yard has all the right ingredients for a successful party

Does your yard offer the
size and security you need?

The first thing you will want to do before setting a date for your party is to make sure your yard has all the right ingredients to host a pool party. Since bareback pool parties encourage your guests to get completely buck-ass naked, your first priority should be that of privacy.

First, determine how private your yard is, not only around the main lawn or pool, but around the sides of your house as well. Is there a fence or wall around the yard, and if so, is it tall enough to keep prying eyes from peeking in on the action? Take into account your neighbors' yards and anything in them which might allow children or prudes to see what is going on. Do they have a pool slide, a swingset, a treehouse, or any other such structure that might compromise your privacy?

If so, you'll need to determine whether it is feasible to construct a temporary barrier high enough to block their view. Good old gardener's plastic is an inexpensive solution to increasing your level of privacy, but you may have to also construct supports on which to hang the plastic. It won't stay in the air by itself, you know.

The next thing to determine is how your guests will get into your yard. Is there a gate to allow access to the yard? If not, you can also construct a temporary screen with plastic that should work just fine. Or, if you are willing, you can have your guests enter through your house. Allowing passage through your home solves another problem... that of where all these barebackers are going to undress. Some hosts, however, prefer to keep the home's inside off-limits, so when that is the case, those hosts should find a good place on the property for all the coming, going, undressing and dressing that will go on.

Next, you'll need to take into account the type of yard you have. Grassy yards are excellent for the comfort of your guests. Lawns provide a soft, cool, and natural mattress for men to sprawl out on when fucking. The more dense the lawn, the nicer it feels. However, care must be taken on lawns in regions where assorted insects take up residence in the cool grass. Many insects enjoy biting people who mash their territory while rolling around. Be careful if using insecticides as they are also poisonous to humans. De-bugging should be done at least a day in advance and the yard should be hosed down thoroughly well before your guests arrive.

By the way, a slightly damp lawn will be cool to the skin on a hot evening. But where there are sparse areas, the ground underneath can turn to mud which probably won't be a plus in the eyes of many guests. Then again, mudfucking is all the rage. If you want to allow the option of mudfucking, I recommend placing a plastic wading pool or inflatable pool adjacent to the mudfuck pit for the mudfuckers to rinse off in. Periodically dumping out the wading pool into the mud pit and refilling it with clean water will ensure both a nice, wet, sloppy mudfuck pit and a clean bath, even for people who might like to just wash mud and other dirt off their feet.

If your yard is one of those in the sun belt that makes use of small stones or pieces of coral, consider this a negative feature for a sex party. While the tougher skin of the feet can fare well on stony ground, the more sensitive skin of the torso and knees often finds discomfort in such locales. Plus, in the intense heat of summer, coral stones can burn skin, and retain and radiate the sun's heat for hours past sundown.

If your yard is mostly made up of a cement patio or pool decking, chaise lounges and loose mattresses covered in outdoor fabrics help bring comfort to those not accustomed to lolling around on hard ground. Wood decks can be more forgiving, but watch out for splinters!!!

The time is probably more important than the date or guestlist

Decide the Time first

You'll want to have your party on a date when you'll be relatively guaranteed of great weather, and of course weekends are best for most people who will want to attend. However, more important than the date is the time you schedule your party. If you plan on having your party mid-summer, keep in mind that the sun's rays are the most severe at that time of year. Planning a bareback pool party for early afternoon might sound fun, but it won't be when all your guests get too sunburned to move, let alone fuck like dogs in heat. Even if you have a misting system around your pool or yard to cool your guests off, those minute droplets of water still act like little magnifying lenses for the sun's UV rays.

Also, drinking alcohol in the hot afternoon sun can severely dehydrate your guests and/or tire them out quickly. My suggestion is to plan your party to begin no earlier than the start of the evening as the sun's rays lose their intensity. After dark is most often ideal, though in some parts of the world the sun doesn't fully set until after 8:30 pm... and then out come the bugs.

Mosquitoes and gnats can be the most unwanted of guests, so keep that in mind when planning the time of your party, too. If mosquitoes are known as a state bird in your region, a good compromise might be to start your party in the late afternoon and end it or take it inside after dusk.

It might be wise to plan an alternate date just in case the elements decide to be uncooperative. And since summertime offers people many, many opportunities to attend barbecues and other outdoor activities, it's also a good idea to plan your bareback pool party and send out invitations well in advance. When announcing your party, try to avoid any negatives in your invitation, as many people tend to make duplicate commitments for the same weekend and then look for reasons to back out of them. I don't know why, but they do. Also, try to avoid planning a fuck party over a holiday weekend as a lot of people like to travel elsewhere, and the number of cookouts being held will definitely compete with your party.

When deciding on your guestlist, you should estimate how many guests you can comfortably fit into your yard. Outdoor parties feature the benefit that most yards offer more space for guests and sexcapades than the insides of homes. This is one of the definite benefits of hosting a bareback pool party.
To BBQ or not to BBQ

...To BBQ or Not to BBQ...
That is the question...

Nothing says "Summer Pool Party" quite like a cookout. Wieners, brats and burgers are easily prepared and satisfy most everyone's tastebuds. However, good old charbroiled beef can be rather filling, and considering the main reason you are having your pool party is to spend a good amount of time fucking, it might be wise to offer light fare instead of something that will probably clog up the ol' poop chute.

Weenies and snacks, like potato chips and pretzels, are your best bets, and it is doubtful anyone will complain. In fact, they should be grateful you're offering food to begin with. Even if you consider yourself a master at the grill, it is probably best to reserve your cooking prowess for a real cookout party.

As for beverages, you should probably supply some sort of drinking material. Beer and/or wine coolers can be kept in an ice chest, and you should also have cold bottled water and/or soda available to your guests as well, just in case they start getting dehydrated. Of course, this is not to say that your guests shouldn't be advised to BYOB... you don't want the burden of springing for all the liquids they will want to consume, especially since they will probably be downing more beverages outside in the heat than they would if you were having the party indoors.

As a host, you should also keep an eye on your guests. After a few "drinkies", some will forget how easily they become intoxicated, and you really don't want to find any of them kissing the bottom of your pool or leaving the party several sheets to the wind. Reserve a shady spot in your yard or, better yet, a cool bedroom in the house for guests if they need to get out of the sun for a while..

Wieners n buns make a suggestive treat
Be sure to get your yard and pool in order

Yeah, they're chores, but...

You want to make sure your yard and pool are in great condition for your bareback party. Here's a list of things you should remember to do, and a few extras you might consider adding before the guests arrive.

The Basics:
  • Get the lawn in order
    • Fill in bare or thin areas with new grass seed a couple of weeks before the party
    • Fertilize at least a week beforehand (you don't want your guests getting burns from the fertilizer)
    • Mow the lawn a day or two before the party and pick up the cut grass
  • Clean and shock the pool a day or two in advance
  • Wash off the pool deck and blow leaves and other debris out of the area
  • Pick up the dog poop
  • Hose off any lawn or pool furniture the day of the party
  • Spray for bugs the day before or the morning of the party
Nice (though somewhat extravagant) Extras:
  • Get plenty of citronella candles if you live in mosquitoville
  • Add decorative lighting, like solar powered path lights, light strings, rope lighting, or tiki torches
  • Place containers of lube around the play area
    • Lube can be put into bowls, dishes or cups and placed in convenient spots
  • Make shady spots for daylight parties
    • Use large umbrellas if handy, or stretch yard plastic or fabric between trees, posts, or other stationary mounting places
  • Rent a Port-O-Potty or two so guests don't have to use your bathroom(s)
  • Put down some old (clean) carpeting or blankets in areas that are not terribly lush
  • Set up a portable sling or hang one between trees or posts; Set up a hammock or a couple of cots if you have these things
  • Stake a tent somewhere on the grounds if possible... the bigger the better
  • Provide towels for drying off after being in the pool in case guests forget theirs or don't bring enough
  • Rent or buy an outdoor heater in case the air gets a little nippy

Some of these suggestions may seem a little Martha Stewart-ish, but they will definitely make your guests feel more comfortable all the way around, and the extra effort will look good on you as the host.

This ain't no swimsuit competition

Make it clear that clothing
is NOT an option!

It can't be said enough... a sex party of any kind should not be a clothing-optional event. After all, you're not holding a swimsuit competition. Well, you could, I suppose. But there should be a general rule that the clothes come off at the door.

The reason for this is simple. When some men remain dressed inside the party, they aren't contributing to the sex. And, they can make some of your more shy guests uncomfortable. I've been to some pool parties where inconsiderate men wander around the pool area in their street clothes and gawk at everyone's penis.

Newsflash: Every man attending will have a penis.

Still, gawkers exist if you let them. So, to eliminate the uneasiness of the majority of your guests and to get the action going quickly, it is highly recommended that you maintain a policy of stripping at the door. Men can gawk just as easily naked as they can clothed.
C'mon guys, are you here to fuck or are you here to pose all night?

That brings us to the problem of what to do with all the clothes once they are shed. Obviously, they need to be put somewhere safe, or someone will go home in a prize piece of A&F they didn't arrive in. White plastic trash bags are the simplest and cheapest option for clothes storage. They can be numbered using a permanent marker, and so can the clothes-owner's hand for easy identification.

Where you store the clothes, and how the whole procedure is handled is up to you. A corner of the property away from the main play area, or a garage and/or shed is best. They need to be put somewhere easy enough to access by the clothing monitor. Storing the bags in some kind of numerical order will make retrieving them much easier.

While planning your party, you would be wise to ask for a few volunteers to help at the door throughout the event. That way, no one person gets saddled with spending the entire time working, and thus missing out on the fucking. Determine shifts ahead of time if possible, and make the shifts no more than an hour in length. Working the door can be fun, as you get the opportunity to see first hand what everyone looks like naked as they come in. It's a great way to get your own juices flowing for the time you can join the party and fuck your little heart out.

Enhance the mood... legally, that is

Appeal to their basic instincts!

Since the dawn of man, the beaten drum has signaled some kind of basic animal instinct in the male creature. From the tom-tom to the timbales, pounding rhythms and the ritual of dance have carried men through their most passionate sexual experiences. The proof is in this one basic little fact: nearly every bathhouse in the world pumps music of some sort or another into even the darkest, most remote corners of their facilities. In the US, it's dance music played loud enough so your heart will pound with the drumbeat and raise your desire.

While music is an essential ingredient, your yard, or soon-to-be open-air sex club, will radiate sound into your neighborhood. A little background music helps mask all but the loudest ecstatic growls, grunts and groans. Just don't try to drown them all out or you might have a little visit from your neighborhood men in blue.

Fashion Tip: Handcuffs do coordinate with cockrings.

With all of Martha Stewart's merchandise crashing in price right now, this season might be a good one to stock up on all the little outdoor necessities one can squeeze into a shopping cart. While you are at it, pick up a set of small, inexpensive patio speakers. And some wire. Unless you already know the distance your speakers will be from your stereo and the amount of speaker wire you'll need, guesstimate your needs and double them. Take some advice from the size-queens of the world... Better to have too much than too little.

If you're going all the way, you can always see if you can get ahold of some of those clever little speaker rocks... decorative faux rocks that house speakers. Plan on a day or two of work setting them all up in advance.

As to your choice of music, make it the same as you would for an indoor party. Mixed dance CD's are now widely available on the internet and in big city music stores. If yours is a more conservative group, a selection of classical music might be just the ticket.

Keep the volume audible to your guests without being a disturbance to the neighborhood, especially after 10pm. The later your party goes, the more downplayed you might want to make your music selection, again to keep it from disturbing the peace.

The grass will be greener in your yard after all those men get done dumping their fertilizer on it!

"What if I don't have a pool?"

Throughout the Southwest, private swimming pools are quite common items. In most other areas of the country where freezing temperatures occur, pools are far less common. Still, not every house in the southwest comes with a ce-ment pond out yonder. That's only in Beverly Hills. Most residences still have yards, but not all of them are private enough to play host to a sex party under the stars.

A pool isn't an absolute must. If your yard is screened from view well enough, you can still host a great backyard bareback party without the pool. If insects are a big nuisance in your area, you might consider throwing area rugs and/or blankets or sheets down on the grass to keep your guests from getting bug-bitten. Remind guests to wash their hands and cocks after applying bug repellant. You don't want that kind of stuff getting inside you.

Yard parties also carry less liability than pool parties. You'll have less opportunity for accidents to happen, less prep work, and less clean-up maintenance. There will be fewer towels to supply and clean.

SAFETY NOTE: Please do not host a pool party at night if your pool does not have built-in or adequate overhead lighting. A dark pool is a danger, even to an expert swimmer. Unlit pools are fine for afternoon playtime, but not for night action. Also do not place any electrical lighting, heaters, or other devices using household current anywhere near a pool, water source, or wet area. Anything run off a power cord is a potential hazard near water.

Most battery-operated items pose little or no threat of accidental electrocution and will probably fry out before injuring yourself or a guest. But to avoid unnecessary damage to battery-operated electronics, keep them away from all wet areas as well.

Bringing some of the indoors outdoors makes a yard more inviting

Bringing the Indoors Outdoors

Yard parties don't intrinsically offer the cool, rippling ambience that a lit pool brings to a nighttime sex party on the lawn, but with some creative stringing of lights, and perhaps the inclusion of some old (but not gross) pieces of furniture... beds, futons, sofas, sectionals, even bean bag chairs casually scattered around the grounds will add both novelty and function to your yard space.

One could even go so far as to set out coffee tables and end tables with tea lights on top (citronella, of course) for more ambience. Just don't put out your fine furniture unless you're prepared to A) Slipcover it; and B) Have it professionally cleaned or even recovered afterward. If summer storms are likely, you would be best off using only light-weight or plastic furniture outdoors. If a cloudburst occurs, it will be much easier to quickly bring light things indoors rather than, say, a sofa-bed.

Other novel items to dress up your yard could include portable slings, and an old bathtub stuck in the corner will provide a haven for men into watersports. Granted, these sren't the kinds of things most guys have lying about the house. So consider a hammock in lieu of a sling or a blow-up wading pool for the watersports guys. A picnic table covered in synthetic batting and a vinyl tablecloth makes for a nice, splinter-free fuck table, too. Wrap and tack the tablecloth to the underside of the table to keep it and the batting from flying away in a strong breeze.

It's your party... You can FUCK if you want to!

Don't forget to ENJOY!

Regardless of how simple or how extravagant you go with your party, your guests will appreciate the effort you put into making your yard a fuck haven for them. And once your guests have arrived and the sex is underway, the party will pretty much run itself. Don't forget to join in the fun. Remember, it's a PARTY ... so don't get too crazy if not every detail goes as you imagined.

The CD player may decide that the night of your party is the perfect occasion to break down, or the beer keg may produce only foam. If a reasonable amount of effort doesn't get the problem fixed, use an alternate plan (put on the radio, and/or break out the champagne you've been saving...), or leave it be and forget it. Show your guests that you are having a good time with them. A lot of frantic running around will only draw attention to the fact that something is wrong, and that can bring down the mood quickly.

The less you worry about little nuisances, the more fun you and your guests will have, and THAT is what keeps them wanting to come back again.

I hope these tips are valuable for you, the hosts of the hottest private bareback parties going on out there!

After the Party is Over

Once the event is over, probably the next morning when you can have daylight to see by, you get to clean up. Oh boy. If it was a successful lawn party, you'll undoubtedly have lots of cans and bottles to contend with. First, empty all containers. Then crush the cans, flatten the plastic bottles and collect up all the glass containers to take to your local recycling center. If you host a lot of parties, you can stash the recyclables until you get a big collection going. It saves on trips and makes the effort pay off a bit better. grab some cash for your trash You may not get rich by recycling trash from your party, but you'll be doing something good for the environment and earning some extra pocket change for your efforts.