Jack's Note: The following is the complete set of rules I send out to everyone interested in attending my parties. Feel free to use this invitation in full, or take what you need from it. Items in this invitation that require your personal input are underlined and highlighted in blue. Fill them in with your own pertinent info.

Best of luck on your next party!

Okay guys, here's the info for the bareback party on (DATE):

How to Have a Good Time
At a Sleazy-ass Sex Party

Please read this in its entirety.
You are responsible for adhering to all these rules if you attend.

Things to remember:
TIME: Arrive between 10 and 10:30pm. Please be on time. We want everybody to start gettin' sexual as early as possible instead of waiting around for slow-pokes to show up.

BYOB: Since I don't charge for these parties, please bring your own beverages. And bring enough to cover you for the evening. Whatever your pleasure... You don't have to bring a case of beer if one or two is your limit, but please don't bring a can or two if you drink like a fish (and please try to monitor your drinking.. . nobody likes a sloppy-drunk fuck).

CLOTHING: comes off the moment you arrive. If you like to wear leather, rubber (not rubbers), military gear, or some other fetish wear during sex, you can certainly change into that. Getting everybody naked helps ease the shyness some guys have. BAGS will be provided for your clothes if you don't bring a gym bag or something of your own to put your clothes into while you fuck.

HYGEINE: Bottom guys, please make sure you're cleaned out (douched) before you attend... that way there are no "oopsies" at inopportune times! There are 2 showers in the house, so bring a bath towel if you think you might want to wash up afterward. Cum towels & paper towels are supplied.

    "What if I don't want guys to cum in my ass?" Easy. If you DO want guys to share their loads with you, wear a hankie around your arm (or leg, or neck) to signal you're looking to get spermed. If you want just the fuck without the cum, DON'T wear a hankie. Otherwise there's always good old-fashioned ORAL COMMUNICATION.
  • "What if I'm Negative and the guy who wants to fuck me is positive?" Everybody here is an adult, and will be responsible for their own situations. Ask if you are in doubt. And BE HONEST if you are asked. It will be okay to say "no" if you feel uncomfortable about screwing with someone.
  • "What kind of lube do you use?" Several will be available: Wet, Elbow Grease, Vaseline & Crisco. And of course, you can always use spit. If there's something else you prefer, feel free to bring it along. However, remember that by the end of the party, you may have any combination of lubes in/on you.
  • "Can I bring a friend?" Certainly... as long as he is the type of guy we're looking for and he's cool with group bareback sex.
  • "Can I bring my camera?" I have no problem with that, but other guys might. You can bring one, but don't be upset if some of the guests are uncomfortable with you pointing it towards them. Only take photos of guys who have agreed to be photographed, and with the understanding that any and all photos are private and are not to be put on public display on the internet or any other public place.

ANNOYING FAQ's: Don't even think of asking these:
  • "What if I just want to watch?"
  • "How many are going to be there?"
  • "Can I see the guest list?"
  • "Can I use condoms even if nobody else is?"

These questions don't deserve an answer. This is a group sex party, not a spectator event. Sure, you can take a break and watch the other guys fuck. But you are here to participate. The guest list is private, and the number of people attending is limited to 30. And this IS a BAREBACK party. Condoms are not appropriate attire, and will be skewered with sharp objects if found in anybody's presence!

DRUGS: No drug use will be tolerated on the property outside of poppers (and if you're using Viagra, please remember that poppers and Viagra don't mix). If you like poppers, please bring your own. The host does not supply them. As far as other drugs are concerned, you can do what you like beforehand. Just not on the property. PLEASE use wisdom with any mood enhancing substance. Irrational or sloppy behavior will not be tolerated. And do NOT show up wasted. Why get the night off to a bad start?

CONDOMS: This is a BAREBACK party for men who prefer the pleasure of fucking without condoms. Do not insult the host or guests by bringing in condoms. If you feel you have to use them, you're at the wrong party!

LYING ABOUT HIV STATUS: This party is going to be a hot and exciting time for everyone here. This is not an arena for prejudice and fear. We're all barebackers, and aware of the risks. Please do not lie about your HIV status. We want everybody to be comfortable with each other and have a great time. Judgemental behavior and hysteria will get your butt kicked out ~ with or without your clothes.

ARRIVING LATE: Unless you've cleared it with me, no late arrivals will be permitted. Showing up late is rude and tells the host and guests they aren't significant enough to you to make the effort. If you arrive late, do not expect to be let in.
See also TIME above.

LIMITS: Everybody has them. Please respect each other's. If you do something to someone against their wishes, you will be removed from the party.

ATTITUDE: We're all here to have a fun time and fuck our brains out. There really is no room for attitude. These parties are for friendly, hot and horny guys looking for a night of bareback sex. Let's have fun and get it on! If you think you're probably 'too good' or 'too hot' for most of the guys that may attend, you might as well forget about coming. Oh, and you need not bother with a return reply.

PAIRING UP: The idea of this party is to have a good time in the open with the other guests. If you don't enjoy having GROUP sex, then this is definitely not the party for you. Hiding somewhere in the house to fuck (like in the bathroom) is DEFINITELY frowned upon. The rest of us wanna see you in action! The areas of the house that can be used for fucking will be the living room, dining room, the dungeon room (yeah...you read that right), the kitchen and the bedroom. No fucking in the bathrooms (unless you leave the door open and the light on) and no sex in the parking lot! Oh, and if you are bringing your lover, please be open to sharing him with the other guys.

GOSSIP: This is a private party. What goes on behind these doors is private and personal. We all may have met via the internet, however, the sordid details are not meant to be broadcast. Many people who come here would like to keep a certain amount of anonymity about their actions ~ it allows them to be more uninhibited in their sexplay. Use as much discretion (and more) in your tales of adventure and conquest as you would expect others to use in regards to you. Tell the world what you want about YOUR actions, but please, give the others the courtesy of choosing what to divulge of themselves.

STEALING: Anybody caught going through or removing other people's belongings will not only be butt-kicked from the party immediately, but will be blacklisted from this and any other sex party in this area. And you donít honestly want to be standing out on the street without your clothes...


WHERE IS IT?: The address info is as follows:


To get here: (DIRECTIONS)

There is parking in the rear, and you should enter by the front door. If the parking lot is full, it is safe to park on the street.

RSVP: Regrets only. By e-mail only. And by Friday the (DATE) , please.

The success of any sex party lies in everybody's ability to relax and feel uninhibited.
These may seem like a lot of rules, but they are mostly rules of common sense, and they're amazingly easy to follow. We really want everybody to have a hot time fucking, and a fucking hot time. Be polite, use good judgement, and most of all, HAVE FUN!!!!! That's why you're coming here, isn't it?

See you on the (DATE)!...