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Jack's Health & Beauty Department
Health Combo Platter

A robust selection of healthy information. Includes your choice of: "Safer" Unsafe Sex Tips for the HIV-Negative Male, "Safer" Unsafe Sex Tips for the HIV-Positive Male, "Safer Barebacking Considerations" by Michael Scarce, Viral Load info, Tips for the Newly Poz, Pubic Shaving, Douching, PnP facts (including Jack's Meth Lab, and "The Other Woman"), HIV Drugs and Vaccines, and links to medical research websites. Doctors agree... our Health Plate is very good for you!

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Hot TV Dinner

As far as new releases go, our version of the "Early-Bird Special" is a favorite! We serve it to you hot and fresh, and each helping of meat is smothered in so much rich cream you may not last to dessert... though you'll still want more!

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Bareback Party Buffet

When one just isn't enough to satisfy your appetite, there's nothing that hits the spot quite like a Bareback Party Buffet! Gorge yourself on an orgy of men so full of protein that they're overflowing with cream! And use plenty of butter for the ever-changing assortment of soft, warm buns offered up!

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Columns ala Jack

Jack's is world renowned for our Columns! Not only do you get a generous helping, but each serving comes with a reality sandwich on the side. Choose from "Dear Jack" or "Jack's Perspective". Humble pie at no extra charge.

The winners of the 2004 Bareback Video Awards
Porn-Star Potluck

A pornucopia of "award winning" pornstars, scenes and videos, raw-style, served on a bed of... well, just on a bed, if you really care.

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Home-Style Pages

Mmm Mmmm! All sorts of yummy treats can be had when you go for our Homepages. We give you meat and potatoes from around the world (and the men they're attached to), each one with its own home-style flavor as individual as the guys who cooked 'em up. No two alike.

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Mountain of Hot Links

Hungry for some links? Jack serves up a heapin' helping of international links certain to appeal to all tastes and any size appetite! Select from Travel, Outside Lines, Style, Medical Research, Bareback Channel, Sexual Underground, and Neat-O categories.

Bareback Jack's Model Citizens
He-Man Platter

This award-winner is definitely for a select few. It's Jack's Hall-of-Famer, and only true he-men are worthy of it. Be sure to tell your manly friends about it!

The Ubiquitous Hanky Code
Colorful Hanky Feast

A smorgaasbord of color and texture. Treat yourself to a man-size helping of traditional Hanky Code flavor. This dish goes with everything, no matter what you're in the mood for!

Check your tool size accurately
Truth Serum Side-Dish

The Department of Weights and Measures gave Jack its blessing on this one! At Jack's, we never lie about what you're being served, whether it's small, average, or really well-hung. All meat is measured properly to ensure complete and total satisfaction!

Advertising Art to use on your own web page
Blue-Ribbon Banner Dish

Giant portion of hand-made banner art, created by master chef Jack exclusively for the connoisseur with good taste! These appetizers are so good you'll want to share them with your friends. And, we have it on good authority that it's our Blue Ribbon Banners that keep bringing folks into Jack's!

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