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Some of these listings don't have anything to do with barebacking, but they have everything to do with SEX and sexual fetishes... from vanilla to total sexual depravation. If you don't know what that means, you will after visiting these links.

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"Video shot so close you can stick out your tongue and lick it!"
Popular bareback pornstar Will West wants you to cum visit him online!
Big Cock Society
Here's a website where your giant cock could actually win you a trip and spending cash in the BCS monthly contest. Don't measure up? You can still check out the galleries of str8, bi, and gay massive meat.
Bald IS Beautiful! Here's a site devoted to the devotee of bare heads and other assorted body shaving. Links, pix, hookups, etc.
A BBJ Member recommendation
If boots and feet are your fetish, then jboots.net is a site you want to see! Full of stories and a number of free galleries with hot pix of men in and out of their boots.
A BBJ Member recommendation
A site devoted to "...making a space and filling it." Galleries of glory holes and other holes that need something stuck in 'em!
Dead Porn Stars
Ever wonder what happened to your favorite pre-condom pornstars? Here's a page that lists which gay sex icons have gone on to the great porn studio in the sky.
Here's a new site for dog-boys and masters! Quite a bit of info, ads, and the doghouse store to keep your "kennel" well-stocked. Site also features translation into 6 languages. TheDogHouse is free, but takes donations to keep it online.
Free membership
If the sight of a man in a business suit makes your dick hard, here's a site 'tailor made' for you. Members get to see galleries of men getting it on in their suits. The site also offers their own Suitsex videos to purchase.
Red hanky enthusiasts now have a new site with personals and information. Gallery, forums, chat & video reviews. Membersihp is free, but donations are requested.
Free membership
Manchowder Pig
Primarily a photo archive full of great nasty fuckpix. Check this one out if man-chowder is on your menu.
The infamous "Fucking Machine" ~ not your everyday piece of workout equipment! But these boys get quite a workout with it here!
Extra: HDK's Fucking Machine video
A very nicely packaged collection of gay smut pix, mostly geared toward the leather audience. This guy has some damn good taste in pix! Slow to load but worth it!!!
Free galleries
Dudes Off Campus
Another Fag-Foto Farm with lots of pix of horny young men acting like horny young men.
Free site
BIG From Nick
Nick certainly seems to have enjoyed playing with Photoshop... he's taken hundreds of porn and bodybuilder photos and made their parts bigger. Lots bigger! A size-queen's paradise!
UGAS Membership
About Face
Joey is a 23-year-old hung hottie and total cum fetishist. Peruse his large collection of cumshots and felching pix, and don't miss the "Flatbed" shots!
Free site
Bud is perhaps one of the more extreme, and therefore identifiable, men in kinkporn these days. He's a man of countless piercings and tattoos, and here's his website.
Free gallery
Redneck Cam
Meet Dick, a personal acquaintance of Jack and a webcam whore. For a fee you can tune in to his webcam site and watch him rawfuck or beat off... his cam is on 24-7 for his members' enjoyment.
Large Penis Support Group
Web forum for men with big ones, and issues, concerns, and advice regarding them. Forum categories include: Sex With a Large Penis, Underwear, Clothing, and Appearance Issues, Making It Bigger, and more.
Free Membership
Small Dick Magazine
Now here's something you don't see every day... a web magazine by and for guys with li'l smokies, and the men who like them. Membersip controlled, but the webmaster has put some dinky dix pix where you can see them.
If you've got a lust for Latin men (like Jack does), this free site is muy sueño! The Papi Gallery has over 1,000 members (no nude pix though) and you can contact each and every papi personally.
¡gratis!   (Free)

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