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These are links to fun and interesting places on the net. None of these listings have anything to do with barebacking, but we're certain you'll enjoy taking the time to visit these sites just the same.

Now permanently archived following the welcome end of the Bush Administration, this very funny satire site is still available for review! Lots of poking nasty fun at America's worst administration EVER.
Free site
How Stuff Works
Have you've ever wondered how a gas pump knows when to shut off, or why TV sets and monitors aren't interchangeable? This great site tells it all. Lots of technical stuff is explained in an easy to understand format. Excellent resource for trivia fanatics!
The Naked News
Here's an idea whose time has come. Canadian streaming newscast leaves only ONE THING to the imagination.. how big the Anchorman's dinghy is at full mast!
(Select Programme II)
Barbra Streisand's Statements
Liberal songstress Streisand now has a fan website featuring her own opinion column. Not only can the girl sing, she can THINK too. Streisand writes in a clear, equality-minded manner, and she's worth reading.
Dancing Paul
If you've been looking for a surefire way to make yourself into a pop icon with absolutely no talent or looks, ask Paul... no better yet, watch him. It's actually quite fun, and he's still dancing strong!
Shagnasty's Penis-Owner's Manual
No matter if your penis is a sub-compact or a luxury model, this humorous page is devoted to the care and maintenance of your penis. Interesting links too.
Click the International Penis-Size survey link

Here's a store with unusual medical-themed items, such as bone-shaped pens, nose-shaped pencil sharpeners, and brain-shaped Jell-o molds (pictured). Bring some macabre humor into your world with these crazy knicknacks.
Forget eBay... here's a hot online auction site that offers items seized by 300 police departments in the US: autos, clothing, electronics, and much more. And if you've had something valuable stolen, register it and you might get it back FREE. How cool is that?
The Art Of Manliness
According to its author, The Art of Manliness site is "a blog dedicated to uncovering the lost art of being a man." Though written from a primarily str8 perspective, it points out that manliness is not brutishness but rather a timeless attitude of grace, integrity, and, well, being a man. Check it out!

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