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Good Citizenship Starts with YOU!

Back when I was growing up, people were awarded for contributing positively to their community. There was a time when you could take a man's word to the bank (and banks weren't out to cheat you), boys competed for the Presidential Physical Fitness award, and a general sense of pride existed in one's neighborhood. And as cornball as it may now seem, it wasn't unusual to see your community members recognized in the paper for their positive contributions.

Nowadays, all that makes the papers is scandal. Who screwed who out of something. Personal pride and responsibility have taken a back seat to corruption and selfishness, eroding our sense of community on the whole.

I've decided that excellence once again deserves recognition. A community is made up of its citizens, and it's the good citizens who set the examples and make the community safer for all its members. Good citizens foster pride in one's community and, through their example, raise the standard for all.

It is for this reason we hereby present the pat on the back for being a good citizen within our barebacking community:
The Model Citizen's Hall of Fame!

Meet the brightest stars of the bareback community! FOR MEMBERS ONLY

(for members only)

The Model Citizen is the man you can look up to and count on

The Model Citizen should be put on a pedestal

The Bareback Jack Model Citizen, plainly put, is the man you can count on.

He's not perfect, but he doesn't let that get in the way. He's the man who is what he says he is, and does what he says he'll do. He's the man who both keeps his sex dates and shows up for them on-time. He keeps himself clean and takes care of himself. He never meets someone for sex when he suffers from illness or if he is spun out on drugs. He puts quality before quantity, though he might be open to both as long as quality comes first.

The Model Citizen is aware of your feelings and respectful of your desires and limits. He enjoys sex for the recreation it is without needing to create drama. He is congenial, polite, and light in spirit. He puts your sexual needs before his, plays unselfishly, and treats each partner in groupsex with equal respect. And, the Model Citizen doesn't bring negativity or gossip about other tricks into your trysting place.

Most of all, the Model Citizen doesn't play games. He describes himself accurately, exchanges true photos of himself, tells you exactly what kinds of sexual action he gets into, and proves it to you. He is the model of gentlemanly behavior, and as such, deserves special recognition.

If you know a Bareback Jack Model Citizen candidate, do him the great favor of nominating him today!

If you have to ask what's in it for you, then you're not a Model Citizen

If this question is the most important question on your mind, then you aren't really Model Citizen material.

Induction into the Model Citizen Hall of Fame is many things. It is both an award and a reward for demonstrating the kind of good behavior that sets you apart from the majority. It is an honor to be in this Hall of Fame, for it means someone you have had sex with thinks highly enough of you and your demeanor to put your name here.

One of the greatest rewards of being inducted into the Hall of Fame is that it shows other men that you possess the kind of quality many seek but few find. It puts you at the top of the "A" list. It makes you more desirable.

If you are inducted into the Model Citizen Hall of Fame, your photos and e-mail address may accompany your name so that other men can contact you directly. It's the highest class of personal ad going. All that for just being a decent person! Wow!

To become a member of the Model Citizen Hall of Fame, you must be nominated

In order to be inducted into the Model Citizen Hall of Fame, you must be nominated. No, you can't nominate yourself.

Only your tricks and fuckbuddies can nominate you, and you must meet the "Imperative Criteria" listed below in order for that to happen. After all, the Model Citizen Hall of Fame is a public accolade. It's a testament to good behavior and your ability to demonstrate your interest in the overall well-being of your community, not just in yourself.

The men who will be entered into this Hall of Fame are those who help raise the standard within our community. They are honest, straightforward, kind to one another, and supportive. They are absent of sefishness, respectful of others' time and emotions, and, of course, capable of engaging in really good sex.

These criteria must be met before you may be nominated into the Hall of Fame

In addition to the Imperative Criteria listed at the right, a Bareback Jack Model Citizen nominee can be either HIV-Negative or HIV+Positive. A Model Citizen never tells you he doesn't know his HIV status. Claiming to 'not know' shows a lack of responsibility and will disqualify a potential candidate.

He may be any age (over 18, of course), any build, and any race. BUT, he MUST be a barebacker to get into this exclusive Hall of Fame!

Please nominate Barebackers only.

Before nominating a Model Citizen, you should make sure your candidate meets the following imperative criteria to your satisfaction.

  • He must be completely honest in his description of himself:
    • That includes age, height, weight, appearance, and dick size
  • He has never wasted your time by playing games.
  • He has presented recent and accurate photos of himself to you (if applicable).
  • He posesses self-confidence as opposed to attitude and ego.
  • He demonstrates respect for you and your time.
  • He is honest and straightforward when asked about his HIV status.
  • He has always been on time for dates, or he provided an adequate RSVP if unable to keep a date.
  • He is always clean in his appearance, practices sexual hygiene, and is free of STD's like syphillis, gonorrhea or crab lice.
  • He respects your sexual limits and acts on your desires.
  • He puts his sex partner's needs ahead of his own.
  • He always shows a sincere interest in his sex partner.
  • He is upfront about having unprotected sex when making arrangements.
  • He never arrives for a sex date intoxicated or drugged out.
  • He would never do anything to endanger the health or well-being of his fellow barebacker.

Above all, Model Citizenship should be based on attitude and performance rather than on any particular physical attribute.

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How To Nominate A Model Citizen

While you do not have to be a Barebackjack.com member to nominate your Model Citizen Candidate, you must be a member to see who is in the Hall of Fame.

  • The Model Citizen Candidate's current e-mail address
  • The city, state, and country where the Candidate resides
  • Your current e-mail address and handle (let us know if you would like an e-mail link with your handle)
Please review the criteria above before making any nominations. A Model Citizen should meet and/or exceed the Imperative Criteria.

After receiving your nomination, we'll contact the Candidate and request permission for a photo for the Hall of Fame. You may send a photo of the Candidate, but we will not use it until the Candidate has granted us permission.


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