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We sure hope you enjoy, and we'd love it if you shared us with all your bareback buddies!

If you've got room on your site, please feel free to use any of these free banners with a link back to us.
The complete URL to our site is:

If HTML is a new language to you, you can simply cut and paste the following code into your webpage where you want our link:

Use the code below for a simple text link that looks like this:,
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Or, to use a banner, click on the button below the banner of your choice and copy the code from the pop-up window to use in your HTML document:
(note: you don't need to copy and save the banner art... the code requests the banner from our site. This means you won't see the banner while you're working offline, however the code will reserve the exact amount of space needed on your webpage)

(this .gif has a transparent background, making it ideal for pages with colored backgrounds)

(right-click and save this one)

(note: This is a Bareback Pride banner. You may use it on your site [no link necessary] to show others you proudly go bareback!)

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