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Dear Jack,

i really appreciate your site and especially the "8-plus club". Watching and admiring those huge cocks i understood that mine (7 inches) isn't enough, so the question, can i make it thicker and longer in anyway? Can those cylinder in plastic with a pump sold in sexy shops help me?
Tks in anyway and tks for your site.


A quality penis pump

Hi Gio,

Nearly every man I know wants a bigger cock. Even me. I think I'd settle for 11 inches. But that's not answering your question.

Penis pumping is one method of gaining extra size, but it has to be done carefully, with patience, and religiously over a long period of time in order to manifest some lasting results. The way a penis pump works is this: it sucks extra blood into your cock and expands the tissue. That being said, I have noticed that pumps are great for gaining considerable girth in the penis, but only marginal increase in the length. Of course, that depends on your penis.

Cock pumping feels good. It engorges your cock to its maximum capabilities. However, the effects are short- lived, and what you see in the tube is often not what you end up with once the vacuum seal is broken and you slide your bloated meat out of the tube. Care must be taken to NOT overdo a pumping session, for you can easily burst a blood vessel in your penis. While not life-threatening, burst vessels will cause your dick to turn purple or black for days until the blood drains and it heals. Try explaining that to a trick...

The best method I know of for pumping is to start by warming your cock by using a washcloth soaked in hot water. The longer you "steam" your meat, the better your session will go. Prepping like this will cause the dick tissue to expand and loosen up. Shave the hair from around your cock so a good seal can be made against your skin. Spread vaseline around the rim of the cylinder, put your dick inside, and start to slowly pump the air out of the tube. Stop pumping when you start to feel a lot of pressure in your dick, or if you begin to feel pain. Pain is a wonderful device by nature to tell you something isn't right. Obey it.

Generally, a pumping session should last at least an hour to an hour and a half for starters. Experienced pumpers can pump their pricks for several hours, but I don't recommend trying to break any time records initially. Each session should consist of smaller sessions ~ in other words, keep your dick under pressure for no more than 15 minutes at a time, release the pressure, and let your cock rest for 2 to 5 minutes before pumping again. By the end of your first hour, you may be looking at your cock and thinking, "Oh, my!".

When you pull that fat schlong out of the cylinder for the last time, you may notice the effect goes away fast. A tight cockring may help, but make sure it is one with snaps, velcro or a buckle so you can get out of it. You will also notice your cock does not feel rock solid on the surface...pumping expands the spongy tissue and so your cock will feel big and spongy.

If you use Viagra, it is cautioned you should not pump during the time Vitamin V is in your system.

Selecting a pump is pretty straightforward. Choose one the diameter of (or 1/4 inch larger than) one of your average cockrings for starters. DO NOT buy one of those silly pumps with the sponge doughnut at the opening or the plunger built into the cylinder. These types are often sold in adult arcade-type boutiques alongside other goofy novelties. THEY DON'T WORK and they are a waste of money. There are several manufacturers of quality penis pumping systems, and most male-oriented leather retailers sell the good stuff. Each cylinder will likely cost you upwards of $60.00, the brass pump wil set you back another $35.00 or more, and the electric vacuum pumps cost a minor king's ransom. Check the resources at the bottom of this reply.

Another alternative to vacuum pumping is plastic surgery. Some plastic surgeons claim that a certain incision technique allows the penis a bit more growing room. I don't personally know anybody who has had this done, and I would strongly recommend proceeding with caution and asking for live testimonials before letting any mad scientist cut open my tallywhacker.

Another favored method of penis enlargement is the Munchausen Technique whereby you simply LIE about the size of it. Unfortunately, while your penis may not get any bigger, your nose certainly will.

And then, Gio, there is always the realization that the average adult penis is around 6-1/2 inches long when hard, so anything above that is, well, above average. Depending on your physical stature, a 7 inch cock can be rather impressive. And there are a lot more men who can handle a 7 incher up their ass with ease, as opposed to 8 or bigger. Trust me. Cocks under 8 inches seem to get harder more easily and stay harder longer, and as long as yours can get the job done and fill a hungry ass with big creamy wads of manjuice, your 7 inches will undoubtedly please a lot of bottom boys.

Good luck and have fun!

~Bareback Jack.

This is one of those cheap novelty pumps that is a complete waste of your money Don't invest in this type of pump if you want to seriously pump your cock. Leave these to straight women to buy for their men

These cylinders may be more expensive, but for effectiveness they are worth every extra cent

Here are some links to reputable companies selling the good types of pumps:

Leather by Leather - ssl secure sales of bondage, fetish gear and kinky sex

Mr. B, Amsterdam & Berlin

MEO, Germany

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